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Urban Sustainable Project Planning-Green Business Park Design & Consulting



Incorporated Cities - Real Estate Developers

Social Enterprises help local communities thrive. Bring new jobs to your community by pioneering with local Joint Ventures&Co-op's. 

Donate temporary property use for local green development and save property taxes.

Sustainable Social Entrepeneurs

Submit your Urban Sustainable Initiatives gain access to our Sustainable Exhibition and Networking Platforms all over the United States. Pilot or improve your Social Impact Projects 

Submit your ideas for private, local and goverment funding and incentives.

Volunteers and Youth Programs

Join our worldwide WWOOF community, together with Civic Youth Councils and neighborhood councils we draft projects and motions creating opportunities across local educational centers and businesses.



Expand our environmental consciousness providing communities with a platform where together we can experience, develop and improve sustainability for business and home use.

We are committed to spread "The Green Ripple Effect" by promoting and helping others to obtain a more sustainable lifestyle.


Special events and activities like environmental art, sustainable theatre, a diverse range of workshops for all ages and cultures. 

Open participation in community think tanks, professional guidance to make homes,gardens and work environments more sustainable.  

- sage the city -


We will provide an educative platform, showrooms, diverse activities and events to raise awareness that will result in a deeper understanding and comprehension of what sustainability is about and how it works.  

Farms with at least ten different (rotating)farm-animals, many species of beneficial bugs, apiary and aviary, native flower gardens and city crops with interactive explanations.

Business to Business

Tailor-made sustainable matchmaking. 

Space and equipment for events, meetings, trainings, exhibitions and demonstrations is available.  Family, company and community retreats can be arranged. School or group workshops and bootcamps are organized. Several certification standard rating systems and city rebate programs will be drafted, polished and implemented. 

- raising the green bar -

Tailor-Made Green Planning

For entrepreneurs we will provide all resources needed to support them in their sustainable endeavours; special expo space for their projects, places fully equipped to create interactive exhibitions that will inform and allow live feedback from visitors. Business planning, modeling and media-projects. Tools, financial and professional guidance for further development and marketing will be provided.  For businesses and corporations we will provide connections with the proper  state, county and city agencies and incentives.

Educational Sustainable Platforms

Eco housing models that serve as an example for the community and will educate us how to create a more sustainable environment.

Platforms designed to be easily adapted when new clean energies, technologies and projects aligned with our mission and values are hatched in this environmental incubator. Saging the City starts by stepping forward into this revolving door of Sustainable Initiatives.

- spread the green fairy dust -

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41463 10th St W Palmdale, CA 93551


Community Investor Based Co-operations in Los Angeles

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